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August 2019
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WHITEHOLES – Spirtuality Within…

The whiteholes are supposed to be the other side of blackhole singularity, where a parallel universe of ours is travelling in the opposite direction where minds are living in an arrow of time which starts by death and ends in birth. The whitehole side of our universe should be accessible to us by traveling through the event horizon into the singularity and bypassing it into the whitehole side, but the situation there shouldn’t be that encouraging for you as you would have to live in a world where light would be in place of darkness and light as maya. The inhabitants of this world would be living there ordinarily like us living in this world, but it may be unthinkable for us.

The individual soul according to the indian epics, sees privately or mutually all dream objects in the hyperspace as thoughts only and then these thoughts manifest in the material plane as solid objects. The whitehole side of our universe may be a region where we can say that the higher gods may reside, as it should be a region where light is the base or nature on which darkness as a visitor mixes. The Eight plane universe which is visualized by me is having the four planes of blackhole side planes facing us into our present universe, with the macrocosmic visible universe extends in the standard xyz geometry as the xyz plane.

It’s left mirror image of mental macrocosmic universe extends in the x’yz plane and both of these macrocosmic universes have their reflections in the microcosmic quark worlds of xy’z plane and x’y’z plane. The micro cosmic mental plane where the quantum foam resides would be trapping photons ( spermatocytes with a single photon inside it swimming to be united with the ovum, which is the dark principle of maya or kshetra ( the nature or earth, or mother or the 7th house in the circle of life) straying into the blackhole side from the world of light or what we call white hole side of this universe through the singularity in hyperspace; which has it’s physical counterpart at the center of our milky way as the origin of creation.




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