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Hatyarin aka The Perilous Witch was released in 1991, the beginning days of the 90s, where Ramsays’ had lost their battle to the directors who were making horror films in a shoestring budget. The Ramsay family lost the fame it once held in the heydays of Bollywood b-horror. Now the horror genre was like a marooned boat awaiting the mercy of a great boatman for further directions. Now I won’t say that crap directors like Vinod Talwar, A.K. Misra, Mohan Bhakri and several others didn’t try to get control over the boat. They did, but unfortunately proved to be dumb navigators. They surely directed a few films, but in the lines of Hollywood cult horror films and you can make a guess why they weren’t able to customize it for the local audience. Yes..you’re right, THE BUDGET and LAME ADAPTATIONS!
However, Vinod Talwar is not as dumb as I always thought him to be. His film ‘Hatyarin’ proves this. I may put it a cut above his other films like ‘Raat Ke Andhere Mein’ and ‘Wohi Bhayanak Raat’. ‘Hatyarin’ has some decent acting, double entendre comedy, slick plot and it moves ahead with over-the-top energy and has some memorable songs. I specially remember two duets ‘Kaise Buddhu Anari Se Pyaar Ho Gaya’ and ‘Bheeg Ja Barsaat Mein’ sung soulfully by Shabbir Kumar and Alka Yagnik. Thanks to Naresh Sharma for these soothing tracks.

The film begins with 3 friends Kailash (Ajit Vachchani), Shambhu (Sudhir Pandey) and Vishambhar (Raza Murad) who are business partners. Shambhu lives with his 3 children Gudiya, Anita (Amita Nangia), Raju and his nephew Baldev (Shiva Rindani). Kailash lives with his daughter Jaya (Jaya Mathur) and Vishambhar lives with his daughter Kavita (Sri Pradha). Anita is engaged to Inspector Ravi (Deepak Parashar), while Kavita is engaged to Vicky (Javed Khan). On the day of Guidya’s wedding, something ill happens and we see Gudiya being mesmerized and finally taken on a chariot to a sacrificial lair by a widow (Jamuna) amidst dense forest. As soon as Gudiya wakes up from trance she calculates that her life is at the mercy of Jamuna. Jamuna sacrifices Gudiya near a tomb where an evil Tantrk named Kamlakh is morbidly asleep. Cut to the wedding scene, Gudiya’s newlywed husband is anxiously waiting for the moments of intimacy, but little does he know that someone who is on the bed wearing Gudiya’s nuptial costumes is none other than a hideous witch, who pounces upon the poor man and instantly kills him. Nobody knows what happened to Gudiya. A few days later, Ravi discovers Gudiya’s corpse near a heath and calls upon Shambhu, Kailash and Vishambhar to identify her corpse. The trio arrive but Ravi couldn’t connect Gudiya’s death with anyone of them. Anita is in love with Ravi and wants to get married with him. Vishambhar and Kailash are both troubled by Guidya’s death, but they have nothing to calm themselves down. Then, more murders occur. Baldev, Jaya, Jaya’s husband (Rana Jung Bahadur), Shambhu, Raju and Kailash they all get killed one-by-one. It seems their family members are facing the wrath of a witch who has returned from the hades for a grim payback.

‘Hatyarin’ is energetic and flows swiftly. The budget is out of question but yes the death scenes are astonishing. Vinod Talwar has directed this film with all his might and I think this was the best he could give to us till date. The witch is butt ugly and I think her one glimpse may spoil your days together. Despite being Vinod Talwar’s film, I suggest you go for it, because it would certainly give you a fascinating return on your investment.

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“Bey Yaar” is a coming-of-age Gujarati film directed by Abhishek Jain. The film is about friendship and two friends. In the desperation to earn quick money, two best friends put their moral values at stake and end up losing their pride and dignity. They then choose a wrong path to set things right and snatch back what was rightfully theirs.


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Lovers, through the ages, have been swearing by the names of Laila and Majnu, the greatest lovers the world ever produced The story of their love comes to us throught the hoary past, but, is as fragrant today as it was in the days of yore. . In the vast Sahra of Nad, a caravan of gypsies has encamped. The head of the gypsy tribe a kind of old man, is giving his blessings to two young hearts, whose hearts are throbbing with a rapture immortal love ! Loves path is not that easy-says the old man, it is strewn with throns of troubles and tribulations. It, sometimes, takes your all, and gives nothing in return, He narrates them the tale of true love that blossomed in those very sands hundreds of years ago. . Laila and Oais belonged to two different tribes that lived peacefully near an oasis. There fathers were the chiefs of the two tribes. Their beloved children studied in the same school. It was here that the tender hearts of Laila and Qais felt some thing for each other a-thing they could not name. Lailas father Amir Sarwar, came to know of tis amour and he wanted to nip the blossom in the bud. But meeting each other was irresistble for the young ones, and defying all stalling, they met each other in stealth. Thus, thier love matured with the passage of time. . It was not very long when everybody around came to know of their love. Amir Sarwar became furious, and followers belaboured Qais mercilessly. Amir, Qais father, wanted to factional war, but better sense prevailed with Amir Sarwar, and he decided to move from the place. Laila came to know of the decision, but the tribe had already decamped. She implored with tears and wailings to her companion to carry a message to Qais, but it was of no avail. . When Qais came to know that he had been forcibly parted fom his beloved, he followed Amir, Sarwars caravan. In the tity of Taif, Laila fell seriously ill Qais could not find his way to Laila : he changed himself into a beggar and reached Laila under pretext of begging alms. The very sight of Qais restored Laila to health. Qais, whou could not be away from Laila for a moment hovered around her house. People decried ” the beggar” and called him a mad man “Majnu”. . Incidentally, the prince of Iraq had come to Taif in those days, and when his eyes feel on Laila, he immediately decided to marry her. He offered priceless jewels, mon