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August 2019
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Author: John Frederick Sweeney

“In our holographic and combinatorial universe, there actually are no discrete conventional particles. Particles are merely a convenient way of discussing combinatorial phenomena. Nor is there linear velocity or the physical transport of objects in the “black hole” Substratum form of matter. Instead, there is a transfer of vibratory ensembles. However, for those who find particles convenient, there are 18 orders of Quarks, not merely six. Quarks exist in the “dark hole” Substratum form of matter, where matter begins to form at the algorithm of 2.718… or the natural logarithm e”

Source: http://vixra.org/abs/1309.0211

The Book Sweeney Refers Is :

“Secret Of Sankhya: Acme Of Scientific Unification” By G. Srinivasan
Source: http://sankhyakarika.webstarts.com/

“Man can quantify the observable universe only by detecting the sequential
vibrations he can measure, but remains oblivious to the simultaneous activity
he cannot detect! If man is serious about really understanding ALL
phenomena, then he cannot ignore this fact, but must have the courage and
skill to quantify the invisible, simultaneous vibrations by axiomatic means.
As a pointer, there are 18 incrementally – graded quark levels, but theoretical
premises based on empiricism in particle physics extend it only to 6 levels;
exactly a third of the true number, but the levels are logarithmic.
At the level of the Substratum, this aspect cannot be overlooked. Sankhya
solves this problem by a combinatorial process using integer number series
that not only applies to the atomic periodic table but also to every interactive
state of the components in the Substratum, in exactly the same way and the
same scale.
In the process, it eminently clarifies the reason for the “ladder or nested “
mass/energy structure of the entire spectrum of atomic and nuclear particles,
with only three levels of classification right through the quark spectrum, the
Planck mass and finally the black hole. The Substratum has it all.
To illustrate, true periodicity at the basic level of integer combinations is
(n2 + n) x ½. = P
but when the value of n is very large P = n2 ½. .
As an example, if n = 2 then P = (n2 + n) x ½. = 3 whereas by P = n2 x ½. = 2.
Therefore, the Galactic centre, the Sun, the planets, the hadronic nuclear
states such as the neutron, proton, electron and all such forms that have a
coherent internalized count state must seem to attract incoherent ensembles.
How would it be possible for there to exist eighteen levels of Quark, when
contemporary science, with all of its exotic ware, such as CERN and Stanford,
have failed to discover them? The reason is that western science lacks the
vision to envision such particles, and so blindly gropes along.


The Book By G. Srinivasan On Saankhya Kaarika Explains :
“The electromagnetic photon spectrum of waves that form the Satwic region
acts in the Ahankar mode, until its Abhiman potential places it in the leptonic
particle domain. The crossover into the weak interactive region is conditioned
by the synchronisation of interactions along two axes.
“This superposed state raises the inertia or mass density to shorten the
interactive time-cycle and close the spatial distance between particles, which
increases its mass.
It describes the Raja / Abhiman region of resonant interactions that gradually
lead to the Raja / Bhava interactive states of the Hadron/lepton spectrum. It
crosses further into the Linga / Raja resonant spectrum of heavier particulate
“In the Thaama / Linga region is an extensive spectrum of particulate states
identified as quark / heavy quark etc.
“Vedic Physics shows that in the ultimate coherent state when interactions
along all three axes are simultaneous, the black hole state with 18 orders
interactive modes provide the gigantic potential to make these locations into
the powerhouse of the universe.”


– As I see it, Sutra 1 (Figure 1) of Saankhya Kaarika Explains :

“Inquiry Into The Cause Of Triple Pains As Unhappiness Is Worthy Of Pursuit Because They Only Merge, Unite & Disappear In The One Ultimate, Unmanifest Brahman; And Any Other Means Is Futile…”

While, Gaudapaada Bhashya explains the triple pains as: Adhyaatmika, Aadibhautika & Aadidaivika; these may easily be equated to tantric triple gunaas, as well…

So; The Book Infact May Be Worth Reading For Scientific Spiritual Aspirants Looking For Proof… 🙂



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DhumavatiAnyone who tries to hinder your progress in life is an enemy.  Much of one’s energy and time is wasted in dealing with such adversaries.  But there is a powerful Goddess whose divine grace can help one neutralise all opposition in without doing much! The ancient text state that enemies can manifest in at least nine ways in one’s life and make life truly difficult.


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