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Be hypnotized online! Here’s a quick hypnosis session for relaxing and experiencing trance. Includes a trigger to make it easier to go deeper in the future. …


What if fortune could be planned? If you were able to fulfill any of your desires – provided you were prepared to suffer?
The students Lenny and Daniel try to find an answer to these questions, following the absurd theory that you only have to expose yourself to accidents in order to gain happiness.
But unfortunately this theory claims a steady stream of victims.

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Point Zero has been shown on following festivals:

Badalona, Filmets Badalona
Espinho, Espinho Int. Film Festival
Rome, Rome Short Film Festival


Director: Andreas Schaap
Screenplay: Andreas Udluft
Producer: Dana Löffelholz
Music: Steffen Greisiger


What happens when you get 2 broke rappers who spend all their money at the club, and now they need money for rent’ Youve guessed it…DUMB-ISH! Watch as the guys plot their come-up using the help of some bad girls, an Assistant pimp and a Janky Manager, all while filming their chain of unfortunate events on camera!


Find This Calming Music on iTunes by Free Zen Spirit https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/time-to-relax-healing-music/id598490985 www.meditatiorelax club https:…


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Winter Solstice: New Age Music for Yoga Meditation and Relaxation Music Chill Out Relaxing Music

Powerful Spiritual Protection Cleansing White Light Meditation
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Through connecting to the pure spiritual force within yourself. This meditation establishes complete cleansing, purification and protection on every level. http://www.youtube.com/v/zNvHxNUM7rk?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata Read more from the original source: Powerful Spiritual Protection Cleansing White Light Meditation
assassins-tale.jpg Assassins Tale
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A small time hood with his hands in everything, believes he's hit the jackpot when he learns the identity of a mafia legend's illegitimate child. Double-crossing everyone he works with, he decides to sell his information to a tabloid reporter. But in life timing is everything, and the clock is… ∞
empress-hotel-live-from-the-french-quarter-new-orleans-la.jpg Empress Hotel – Live from The French Quarter: New Orleans, LA
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Empress Hotel performs live from the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA. Track List: Opening 0:00:00 1. Search Lights 0:00:16 2. The Last Picture Show 0:04:42 3. Holly 0:07:20 4. Young Turks (Rod Stewart) 0:10:17 Credits 0:15:00 Empress Hotel is a pop ensemble based in New Orleans whose sound is… ∞
Thumbnail Guided Meditation
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Ajahn Brahm. http://www.youtube.com/v/Ev6KK5M38r4?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata Read more: Guided Meditation
necessary-evil.jpg Necessary Evil
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Deborah Fielding, seeker of the truth, will stop at nothing to uncover the layers of corruption that lie deep within the walls of Edgewater Psychiatric Institute, even if the cost is her life. In a series of twisted events, this budding investigative journalist unlocks a Pandora's box of deceit. As… ∞