The Ultimate Quest For Knowledge…
The Triple World Exists Within An Atom Of Consciousness As A City In A Dream... Even Within That World, There Are Atoms Of Consciousness... Within These Also, Worlds Exist Severally... The Mind Becomes Manifest From Absolute Consciousness Spontaneously, Like Foam From Water---Then It Is Bound By Actions Like Foam By Ropes... The Creator God Is Only Mere Mind And Is Not Of Material Nature & So The Vislible Universe Is Created And Sustained Upon Mere Thought...      Just As There Is Identity Between Water & Wave, There Exists Really Neither The State Of Knowledge Nor The State Of Ignorance... The Association Of The Power Of Consciousness And The Power Of Movement Is Brought About As The Mind...
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October 2014
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Jess has introduced hundreds of people to meditation. Meditation helps you change the way your mind works and provides unlimited mental and physical health benefits

Unified Field Meditation

Unified Field Meditation courtesy of Many thanks & blessings to our friends at Council of One. You can download the audio and printed versions of the galactic version of the Unified Field Meditation. go to The act of meditation is the best way to get plugged in and turned on to the power of the Divine

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