Life as such in it's most evolved and intelligent form has produced Homo sapiens as the epitome of all other genetic patterns over a period of more than 4.5 billion years. As our minds evolved through the ages from Cro-Magnon through Australopithecus life forms; our ego also developed to encircle us in a comforting envelope of false pride of the boastful notion that we are the most intelligent life forms on the face of this planet and also in the whole universe!

                But the main drawback draining our flared up ego has always been the fact that -  "Death", An inevitable factor everyone comfortably tries to ignore; finally overcomes us in our ever constant battle for possessions. Our ancestors were in truth,  not as much worried as we are now; mainly because of two reasons:  Firstly, they were not forced to look at and drool over the pretty sleek gadgets & 'electron-driven'  fine objects. Our forefathers were not as much controlled by the inimitable forces of electromagnets energy , as much as we are now. Their illusions and dreams are our virtual realities & so it is more difficult for us to get separated from it. What we call 'internet ' is supposed to be the highest state of electronic power by 'Maya' ( The illusionary power of "Super conscious") in the modern civilization - prophesied by the Enlightened Ones. Secondly; what we miss in our generation is that deep knowledge of spirituality- " the highest divine knowledge"- which all the religions of our planet promise and consistently fail to give!

                 I feel that  it is ironic to discuss about the positronic spiritual energy system  through the medium of an electronic web. The fact is, the illusion of our world  may itself be a lesson for us to be warned about the risk of getting too attached to it, and death seems like a punishment only for those getting too much involved in these transient moments of life.                                

                  It doesn't matter whether you have achieved the highest physical /material comforts of life or the highest range of sexual ecstasy or have seen all wicked and amazing things this world has to offer. It only matters whether you have a mind which gets easily bored with the everyday life patterns or it becomes so inquisitive that you get depressed by the fact that you are still missing that important something that you were born to do. Human Mind has a peculiar habit of living in its own dream world, as long as it doesn't encounter a situation where it is forced to form another reality by itself. It may be triggered by a simple incident like you are driving along a lonely wheat field where nobody is there to disturb you but only your own thoughts, or it may happen in a moment by an incident which would change your life forever like loosing your dear ones; or having a near death experience.

                  We are living in a world where life is in such an unpredictable delicate balance that death is not a remote possibility; but a definite probability in between fast highways, busy flight schedules and cholesterol accumulating foods. Life is definitely such a miracle that even in these circumstances of " living on an edge", we try to find happiness in all the activities we pursue. And, without even having a faintest idea of how the human body really functions or why we are here in the first place; humans are generally a happy lot with occasional nervous breakdowns and magnanimous egos.

The spiritual journey of most individuals begin with a 'turning point', but it usually ends also with another happy incident happening to mask the sorrows underneath it. As the philosophers agree, Lapsing of memory is the greatest gift that mankind enjoys freely, to make the same mistakes we had made over and over again; and repent over it. The quest for immortality is not a general issue to a normal individual, but happiness is one thing we all want and strive for. The ancient scriptures all over the world are; when taken neutrally, never concerned with the other things but just alone the way to Happiness. The code of conduct and morality is  just arbitrary as regions, societies, cultures, and religions change over place and moreover, time.

As we should be more concerned with how we can live happily forever with no depression or sadness; this site explores into the ancient knowledge by which we should be able to achieve the same, whether it be through enlightenment, worship, yoga, miracles, or modern scientific techniques. As the modern techniques of sedatives or tricyclic antidepressants are comparatively less effective in alleviating mental agony; I have tried to explain here the various ancient civilizations, their concepts in brief, what we should be expecting from the secret scriptures, and the techniques by which the mental agony should be permanently alleviated forever. Indian scriptures are undoubtedly the most misunderstood and difficult to understand of the documents all over the world, with enigmatic and profound concepts being given in a matter of fact and exact manner distributed in a plethora of texts; which were written or passed down to disciples through oral tradition for centuries.

 The task here is to sieve out the fact from fiction which the individual gurus or preceptors have added as their contributions to these sacred documents; especially to the vedas and puranas. The cast system in India has degraded the original scriptures over time with their own secular additions and threats; so that the higher cast individuals and their descendants would be able to live more peacefully and comfortably, as they were basically priests who had to depend upon Kings or devotees to make a living. The effect has been most deteriorating for the vedas, upanishads, manusmriti, puranas and other indian religious texts; that the original writings were intelligently mingled with later additions and so the meanings of words became more obscure and misleading. For example, the most commonly used word in the vedas and upanishads is the word Brahman- which denotes the supreme reality, and the 'Brahmana' word exactly means and was meant to be ' One Who Knows Brahman'.

 The Brahmana's of the ancient epics were those who knew the supreme consciousness and they were so least interested in money as they knew the way in which the material world is manifested through the astral planes and they were so powerful that they didn't require mortal dependence for sustenance. As the few real masters vanished through the veil of time, down the line came a new generation of their direct offsprings who although capable of perceiving the power by concentration, took the easy way out by enjoying the respect common population gave to their forefathers and thus the Brahmana name got fixed to these minds who were not Brahmins by mind; but by only name. The later additions were mostly purposefully integrated by some of them for the well being of future generations of their community; which has descended in it's genetic purity also, by copulating and having offsprings with bodies which were born with darker patterns in their sojourns. There are very few minds in the Brahmana caste now, who are liberated spiritually and who know the true meaning of 'Brahman' and these minds would never claim for their caste as superior or see any difference between castes, systems or religions. There are also various stories of the lowest caste people gaining supreme realization in many indian scriptures from ancient times.

 The western spiritual leaders of later times  were also no different in masking true meaning of original documents like The Old Testament or Other religious texts, so that bitter realities wouldn't be revealed to the common population and thus ignorance may bring bliss through blind devotion.

 A real seeker is one who without any prejudices, ready to incisively analyze and understand ideas and open-minded enough to accept or wise enough to reject them on the basis of practice, realization or experience. This in turn brings us closer together in this journey of life where we are free to choose and act upon whatever our mind desires...  







- From My Poem 'MIND' - (Chapter- Labyrinth) Journey of Mind A-Z, From Origin To Dissolution)




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