The Triple World Exists Within An Atom Of Consciousness As A City In A Dream... Even Within That World, There Are Atoms Of Consciousness... Within These Also, Worlds Exist Severally...       The Mind Becomes Manifest From Absolute Consciousness Spontaneously, Like Foam From Water---Then It Is Bound By Actions Like Foam By Ropes...       The Creator God Is Only Mere Mind And Is Not Of Material Nature & So The Vislible Universe Is Created And Sustained Upon Mere Thought...        Just As There Is Identity Between Water & Wave, There Exists Really Neither The State Of Knowledge Nor The State Of Ignorance...          The Association Of The Power Of Consciousness And The Power Of Movement Is Brought About As The Mind...


The Divine Alchemy

" " celesta " Beyond The Veil Of Darkness, After The Stupor Of Death 

Above The Level Of Mundane Ecstasy Of Carnal Pleasures

Beneath The Power Of Mind, Expressing Lucid Dreams 

Behind The Beating Of Heart, Infusing Blood To Enliven-

This Contraption Of Clay We Normally Call Body,

Hidden In The Selfless Love Felt After Sensory Union

Above The Realm Of Understanding, To Be intrigued By Reasoning

Inside Intelligence, Below Consciousness, Percolating Photons For Life;

Resides The Power Of Infinite One - Tranquil, Inert, Blissful

Reminding Us In Every Moment, The Inevitability Of Inexorable Death.

Fools But Still Run Amok After Rancid Transient Impulses In Time

Craving Around For The Things And Bodies They Lost & Desire,

Never In A Moment Standing Still To Think About Meaning Of Life

To See The Benevolent One Amused By Us Whining Ever In A-

Perfect Paradigm Of His Gift Of Our Bodies!!! "

           This is a place for all those minds, who have struggled in this life trying different kinds of spiritual exercises &techniques or travelled afar to the farthest reaches of our world and returned home, still having that familiar "missing, sinking feeling" in their heart. 

  image loading...         Here you can get an explanation From A Vedic Perspective for the mysterious and supernatural phenomenas, ghosts, miracles and each and every spiritual or religious thing under or over the sun. Vedas are known to be the oldest and most comprehensive holy scriptures available on this planet. It describes The Origin of Universe,  Mind, After Death, Ghosts, Relation Of Space With Time and deals with the various aspects of Life. 

          Most importantly; it reveals a Unified Theory by which you would be able to see from above into the different aspects of life and an open mind is given  opportunity to delve into the eternal secret principles and come up with a simple, straightforward attitude towards life or death. It doesn't matter whether you are a believer or not and Vedas strictly warn about the danger of False Beliefs also. Vedas lay down just ideas in a matter of fact way. Authors never cared about whether they are being appreciated or not. It is most evident by the fact that No Names are given as of who has written these texts and no individual credits are being taken for any manuscripts. It ensured that eternal ideas wouldn't be marked for individual egos and therefore skepticism and till today, the authorship of any of these texts remains unknown..  

          The Vedas & Upanishads were always been given a religious or secular flavor by the minds which tried to understand the vast collection of Sanskrit writings; and as a result, the true scientific meaning of these secret texts has not been adequately explored in terms of Quantum Theories, Astrology, Relativity Concepts, Immunology, Microbiology or in context to various other disciplines - in a neutral  manner. I was fortunate enough to be born as a Hindu and also to be in a Medical Profession where; I was able to study the Anatomy, Histo-Pathology and Biochemical aspects of living tissues and correlate them with Vedic Knowledge. Here, you won't be burdened with the peripheral ideas or explanations but only the Vedic truth as described in the various Hindu scriptures of importance like Yoga Vasishta, Bhagavatam, Bhagavat Gita, Ramayana, ManuSmriti and correlations with the other scriptures like The Old Testament, Cabbala, Book of Enoch and other various western scriptures or prophetic writings.

          Hinduism was known in ancient times as "Sanāthana Dharma" meaning "The Eternal Living Principle". No one can get converted into Hinduism. It is strictly meant not to be a religion, but a set of ideals which you are supposed to learn during a specific growing period of your life. The knowledge teaches a mind - " The True Meaning Of Life" and how to live according to Eternal Principles; so that you would be able to exercise the laws of Life & Death and most importantly - "DIE" with a peaceful mind.

           I sincerely think that truth is hidden mainly due to the various religious, devotional, materialistic or narrow minded approaches built into minds which tried to understand it by doing too much research into a confined area of life. For example, A Mind which is really interested in and having a deep working knowledge of quantum mechanics or photonic theories and well versed with the Equations of Relativity; may not be interested in or may not be having any linking idea of the evolution of world  religions or wouldn’t even have heard of the Vedic principles or the Space-Time Continuum theories. 

            It is also commonly seen that; even if this mind happened to have gone into a fruitful discussion with another mind which is well versed with other divisions of humanity; the "EGO" of this mind would give consciousness very little chance to correlate newly dawned links into existing knowledge, so that an expanding coherent pattern of evolving thoughts can be maintained by the same mind.  

           Ideas get materialized into a solid form or an invention. But, the minds having image loading...revolutionary ideas are normally too egoistic to share these with other minds and so a networking of these ideas is almost impossible in this present materialistic age of our world. Human minds are imaginative to an unlimited extent. Millions of minds are trying in vain to get attention by expressing their own notions based upon hidden desires of Money, Sex and Power. So, it is quite conceivable that most of the minds which are at the receiving end; get sidetracked by fantasizing capabilities of the biased minds which are aiming not for the "Truth" - but the material gains gained by marketing of these ideas: whether the ideas be of a Spiritual, Inventional or Scientific nature.                        

          This site is dedicated to those few minds which are free of assumptions and are lucky enough to be born into this world to be able to experience this nectar of eternal knowledge as divine ecstasy over all the other enchanting and enticing things of this world. The Supreme spirit  in whichever form you encounter, shows its "Power". This is an extremely humble attempt to free an inquiring mind into a knowledge level from whence, it would be able to undo the concepts of "Good & Evil" that our society proclaims; and still live on, with a Doubtless Divine Spirit. 



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